50 Gallon Bath

The wide-range laboratory bath can be used as a controlled constant-temperature bath or for circulating controlled temperature liquids through external apparatus such as condensers and water-jacketed devices.

This large volume bath consists of a bath compartment located above the controls and mechanical area.  The inner stainless steel shell (bath liner) is separated into the usable bath area with stainless steel shelf and the lower area that consists of the stainless steel cooling coil and the heater.

Uniformity is maintained in the bath area with a force circulator pump.  This pump is also used for pumping the fluid to an external apparatus if required.

9421 50 gallon bath SCHEMATICS

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50galbath_front_schematic 50galbath_Top_schematic 50galbath_Back_schematic 50galbath_Right_schematic 50galbath_Chamber&Shelf Detail_schematic