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Humidity & Temperature Control Rooms

Parameter’s humidity and temperature control rooms offer the ideal solution for your cold storage needs. With the combination of our unique dew point generating system and standard features such as PC-based monitoring systems, you’ll never have to make compromises for compliance.

Read below for more information on Parameter’s humidity and temperature control room storage solutions for pharmaceuticals, electronics, and agricultural products. If none of these products fit your needs, be sure to check out our custom temperature control rooms.

Our Walk-In Humidity Control Solutions

Humidity control rooms provide controlled environments that ensure precise levels of humidity, preserving product quality and extending shelf life. In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, these rooms are crucial for maintaining drug stability, while the agricultural industry uses them to maintain freshness. Parameter offers walk-in humidity control rooms that provide ideal solutions across multiple industries. 

Standard Walk-In Rooms

Our standard walk-in stability chambers are large environmental chambers used to store and test products that control and maintain precise temperature and humidity levels. These rooms are available in three sizes with your choice of a vertical or horizontal air handling unit, flexible door location, an optional exterior ramp, and Metroseal coated shelving. Our stability chambers include the benefits of a three-year warranty, exterior service accessibility, and full compliance with FDA, IHC, TAPPI, and ASTM regulations. These walk-in stability chambers can range in temperature from -30℃ to +60℃, and range in humidity from 10% to 90% RH. While they have many uses, most clients use them for product storage and the testing of materials, packages, and stability.

Packaging Walk-In Rooms

Parameter’s packaging walk-in rooms offer the perfect environment for package testing and storage for the packaging, pulp, and paper industries. They are customizable and adhere to ICH, ASTM, and TAPPI standards. Our packaging walk-in rooms even have the ability to automatically cycle between the conditions required by TAPPI T402 om-88  and TAPPI T 402.


Pharmaceutical Walk-In Rooms

Every custom Parameter pharmaceutical walk-in room is designed to meet FDA and ICH guidelines for the storage of pharmaceutical items. Drug companies use our rooms for active substances stability studies, stress testing, photostability testing, and degradation examinations. Our unique method of controlling moisture mitigates the risk of negative impacts on your operations by losing long-term stability studies.

Other Custom Walk-In Rooms

Parameter designs and builds custom walk-in rooms to meet the unique specifications of different industries. With modular insulated panels, multi-range rooms, and temperature and humidity uniformity that are factory-tested prior to shipment and installation, we provide the stability and reliability necessary to ensure success.

Industries We Serve

As a leading global manufacturer of humidity and temperature control rooms, Parameter offers solutions to the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and electronics industries worldwide.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Humidity control is critical in the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to manufacturing and storage. In order to be approved by regulatory agencies, every drug must undergo rigorous stability testing. These tests must be performed under specific conditions to be accurate and reliable. There is no room for error where drug safety, efficacy, and integrity are involved. 

Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry is subject to frequent regulatory changes that they must be able to comply with. To do this, they use walk-in humidity and temperature control rooms for the storage and testing of products and raw materials such as smokeless tobacco products. These rooms can also be used for FDA HPHC reporting purposes. 

Electronics Industry

The electronics industry commonly uses reach-in humidity and temperature control chambers to perform circuit testing. These tests help electronics manufacturers determine what conditions can cause damage or performance problems for various devices. 

Why Choose Our Humidity & Temperature Control Rooms?

Parameter’s humidity and temperature control rooms offer unique, reliable solutions for the storage and testing of products. Our customizable rooms are precise, energy-efficient, and low-cost to own. Our two-temperature method eliminates issues commonly encountered with steam injection systems and the need for high-purity water—this method is not available from other manufacturers. 


Please provide us with some basic information about your needs, and we’ll contact you to begin the quoting process.

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