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Battery Test Chambers

At Parameter, we are proud to partner with BINDER GmbH, a leader in controlled environment chambers, to bring you top-of-the-line solutions for your battery testing needs. With its headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany, and a strategic distribution center in Bohemia, NY, BINDER has consistently set industry standards with their advanced humidity and temperature chambers.

These specialized battery test chambers help manufacturers rigorously test lithium-ion cells and modules under varying conditions. By offering a controllable temperature range of -40°C to +110°C, BINDER’s LIT MK series ensures that your tests meet the anticipated EUCAR hazard level of 6, all while providing top-of-the-line safety features. 

Whether you’re in product development, quality assurance, or academic research, these chambers offer an invaluable resource for assessing the safety and efficacy of lithium-ion batteries. With exclusive pricing and a quick one-week turnaround time on BINDER units, we are excited to offer you a solution that is as timely as it is cost-effective. Choose Parameter and BINDER for your battery test chamber needs, and experience quality and reliability like never before.

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Battery Testing Chambers – The BINDER Way

BINDER’s battery test chambers set the industry standard by offering a multifaceted approach to aging, performance, and stress testing, making them indispensable in quality assurance and battery production. These chambers are proven to handle the challenges and risks associated with lithium-ion cells and modules.

One of the standout features of BINDER’s battery test chambers is the electromechanical door-locking mechanism. This advanced locking system ensures the chamber remains securely sealed during testing.

These chambers also feature a specialized access port fitted with a silicone plug. This offers a secure method for introducing external measuring devices without compromising the internal environment, ensuring that your tests are safe and accurate.

Moreover, the notch-type access port in the door adds another layer of flexibility and functionality. Its design allows the safe and easy insertion of power cables or sensor wires into the chamber, making it convenient for various battery testing setups.


What Do You Get When You Choose BINDER Battery Testing Chambers?

Advanced Safety Features

One of the standout safety features is the reversible pressure relief flap made of stainless steel, installed at the top-middle section of the unit. This feature manages any sudden changes in pressure within the chamber, automatically releasing excess pressure to maintain a stable internal environment. Made of durable stainless steel, it adds an extra layer of security, reinforcing the unit’s overall integrity.

Additionally, BINDER enhances the safety of their chambers with a fortified door-locking mechanism, which comes with reinforced brackets to ensure that the door remains firmly sealed throughout the testing process. This measure further minimizes any risks associated with the volatile nature of lithium-ion cells and modules.


Comprehensive Battery Test Packages

BINDER offers four comprehensive testing packages tailored to different battery tests: aging, performance, extended performance, and stress tests. Each package is fine-tuned to provide a specialized environment that aligns perfectly with the objectives of your specific test.

Battery Aging Tests

Understanding how a battery ages is crucial for assessing its longevity and reliability. BINDER’s Package A is designed specifically for conducting battery aging tests. These tests occur within a predetermined, safe temperature range and do not involve any battery load cycle. With this package, you can see how the battery fares over time under consistent conditions, providing valuable data that can influence future product development.

Battery Performance Tests

Whether you’re in R&D or quality assurance, understanding battery performance under various conditions is essential. Package P from BINDER allows you to test multiple battery-specific parameters, such as load state, within overlapping temperature ranges to ensure that the tests are comprehensive and performed within a safe temperature range for the battery.

Battery Extended Performance Tests

Sometimes, standard performance tests just aren’t enough. For more in-depth analysis, BINDER offers Package P Plus. Similar to the performance package, this extended version also tests various battery-specific parameters like load state but offers more comprehensive and layered data, all within the safe temperature range for the battery.

Battery Stress Tests

Pushing a battery to its limit is necessary to uncover its full spectrum of capabilities and weaknesses. BINDER’s Package S exists for this exact purpose. These tests push the battery to the edge of its safe temperature range and involve higher charging and discharging currents. This package provides a comprehensive view of how a battery performs under extreme conditions by testing with constant or dynamic temperatures.

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