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Parameter rooms and chambers are ideal for testing products in the agriculture and tobacco industries

New standards and regulations by the FDA, ICH and ISO are coming into play within the agriculture and tobacco industries ever day. Whether it’s testing of raw materials, filters, finished product or smoking rooms, Parameter’s experience in regulated industries makes us the perfect resource for chambers and rooms that will meet your strict temperature and humidity specifications.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have turned to Parameter to build their tobacco testing and storage facilities.

The following companies have also trusted Parameter Generation & Control with their testing and storage facilities:

  • Philip Morris
  • R. J. Reynolds

  • Lorillard
  • Liggett Vector Brands
  • Global Laboratory Services, Inc.
  • Enthalpy Analytical, Inc.

Main Applications

  • FDA HPHC reporting
  • Mainstream and sidestream smoke emissions labs
  • Smokeless tobacco products testing
  • Tobacco product raw materials testing
  • Finished tobacco products storage and testing

Common Conditions

  • 22°C/60% (±2%RH)

Parameter custom manufactures all equipment, so name your conditions and we will build it.

Parameter Equipment Commonly Used in the agriculture and tobacco industries include walk-in chambers, reach-in chambers ad conditioners for existing rooms.

Ag & Tobacco Rooms

800-1200 cfm Vertical Conditioner