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Parameter is a leading global provider of environmental control rooms and chambers for the packaging, pulp and paper industries. Parameter specializes in humidity control and conditioning systems, adhering to TAPPI standards for product storage and box testing.

Parameter Generation and Control (PGC) manufactures TAPPI reach-in chambers, room systems and conditioners for existing laboratories. Parameter’s precise temperature and humidity control of ±0.2° and ±0.5% help insure that you meet the stringent TAPPI T402 sp-08 specification. In small modular rooms and reach-in chambers, the Parameter system can run the TAPPI preconditioning atmosphere and then automatically ramp to the conditioning/testing atmosphere.

Main Applications

  • TAPPI Labs–Technical
  • Association of Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Package testing
  • Cold testing
  • Heat testing
  • Stress testing
  • Stability testing
  • Shelf life studies
  • Quality control

Pulp, Paper and Packaging Rooms, Chambers and Conditioning Systems

Our Advantage

Parameter’s precise control and distribution for stability chambers allows for problem-free mapping validations. Equipment is reliable, cost effective, and has low energy requirements.

Parameter Precisely Controls:

  • Control constancy – Parameter provides precise single point humidity and temperature control
    (±0.5% RH / ±0.2°C).
  • Uniformity across the conditioned space – Parameter provides a tight uniformity by engineering optimal distribution systems that evenly disperse the air through a conditioned area.
  • Sensor Accuracy – Parameter utilizes high grade humidity and temperature sensors and maintains the calibration over the range of conditions required.

Parameter Equipment Commonly Used

100-200 cfm Horizontal Conditioner
Custom Rooms for Packaging

Custom Testing and Storage Rooms

Common Conditions

  • 23° C / 50% (Main TAPPI Spec.)
  • 35° C / 30% (TAPPI pre-conditioning)
  • 32° C / 90%
  • 5° C / 85%

TAPPI Tolerance is ±0.5°C and ±2% RH. Parameter custom manufacturers all equipment, so name your conditions and we will build it.

Customer References

  • International Paper
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Mead-Westvaco
  • Inland
  • Box USA
  • PCA
  • Jefferson Smurfit