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Parameter offers unsurpassed customer service and maintenance

Parameter’s services include expert installation, a unique training program, calibrations and validations, preventive maintenance contracts, unlimited free emergency phone support and on-site assistance when necessary.

  • Our team of engineers can provide installation to get your system up and running.
  • We offer free training annually at our service and applications seminar.
  • We provide calibration services traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, helping customers achieve the highest levels of measurement quality and productivity.
  • Our validation services group offers turn-key, cost-effective solutions for your validation and compliance needs
  • Parameter’s preventive maintenance contracts give our customers peace of mind. Our techs come to you periodically and thoroughly inspect your system.
  • We pride ourselves on follow-up support, just call and a knowledgeable Parameter service representative can assist you by phone. By asking just a few questions, the service representative can usually identify the problem and propose a solution.
  • If an on-site service call is needed, we’ll come to you. With Parameter distributors located worldwide, our customers receive phone and on-site support no matter where they are.
  • If a replacement part is required, most parts are kept in stock – some even covering units built over 40 years ago- and a shipment will be made by the fastest means available.

Additionally, parameter provides temperature and humidity testing for components and devices composed of a wide variety of materials, from electronic components to plastic and metal products.   Our storage chambers allow you to test your products for corrosion, mechanical failure, electrical shortages, all the way down to simple wearing.

Combinations of high temperatures and humidity can lead to undesirable outcomes from wafer chip delamination to warped packaging.  Our temperature humidity (“damp heat”/”85/85”) tests can help you determine the moisture resistance of your products and establish any temperature-humidity bias (THB).

Watch for a walk-through of our recommended preventative maintenance procedures


Parameter UV Lamp and Quartz Tube Replacement

How to replace the UV Lamp and Quartz Tube in your Parameter conditioner:

For the best performance of your Parameter conditioner, we recommend replacing the UV lamp and quartz tube in the blue canister annually. Here’s a quick guide to replacing these properly. For info about this and other equipment services, visit our website.