Standard sized walk-in environmental chambers ideal for stability testing and product storage

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Parameter’s new walk-in stability chamber offering features a pairing of either our vertical or horizontally configured 250-400 CFM air handling unit with one of three standard sizes of walk-in chambers. Several ordering options are available to choose from, but options for customization are limited to ensure quick lead times and eliminate the need for individual specifications.

What is a Walk-In Stability Chamber?

A walk-in stability chamber is a large-scale environmental chamber designed to maintain controlled temperature and humidity conditions for storing and testing products, including pharmaceuticals, biologics, and medical devices. Walk-In Stability Chambers are capable of maintaining specific temperature conditions very precisely for extended periods of time.

Some applications for walk-in stability chambers include stability studies, quality control tests, and shelf-life testing of products under different storage conditions.

Walk-In Chamber Ordering Options

While customization options for our Standard Walk-In Stability Chamber Offering are limited, there are several ordering options you may choose from to ensure the best fit for your space and application needs.

Choice of Vertical or Horizontal Parameter 250-400 CFM Air Handling Unit:
Vertical 9224-81N0 Attached to room panel wall
Horizontal 9324-81R0 Mounted on top of room

Our 3 Standard Walk-In Stability Chamber sizes:

Room Size 1 – 8’x8x8′ 190 cu.ft. storage volume
Room Size 2 – 8’x12’x8′ 270 cu.ft. storage volume
Room Size 3 – 8’x16’x8′ 340 cu.ft. storage volume

Walk-In Chamber Shelving:
Metroseal Coated Gray Shelving Racks
*Comes standard with five shelving levels, additional shelving is optional

Walk-In Environmental Chamber Door Location:
Flexible door location for two larger size rooms
*Room Size 1 comes standard with door located on 2,600 mm long side

Optional Exterior Ramp

Full IQ/OQ/PQ at one condition
Optional Additional conditions

Technical Details/Features:

  • Choice of either vertical or horizontal 250-400 CFM air handling unit
  • Three standard size room choices:
    • Room Size 1 - 8' x 8’ x 8' (190 cu.ft. storage volume)
    • Room Size 2 - 8' x 12 'x 8' (270 cu.ft. storage volume)
    • Room Size 3 - 8' x 16 'x 8' (340 cu.ft. storage volume)
  • Perfectly maintained conditions from 5 - 50°C and 20 - 90% RH
    • Control constancy ± 0.2˚C and ±0.5%
  • Dual Hz systems
  • 9-amp 230V service
  • Maximum of 3 gallons of water used a day
  • Flexible unit and door location
  • External service accessibility
  • Install through Parameter trained team

What’s the Benefit:

  • 2-3 week lead time *subject to availability*
  • Stable and uniform environment ideal for stability testing, package testing, product storage and conditioning, material testing, and more.
  • Full compliance with ICH and Pharma regulations
  • Longevity; corrosion resistant
  • Ease of operation
  • Refrigerant with low GWP value of 547
  • Exterior service accessibility allows for ease of maintenance with least possible disruption
  • 3 year warranty

Installation Requirements

  • A flat floor leveled within 1”
  • Electric power supply: 208V / 50/60 Hz, 11.5 A.
  • 230V electrical connection for door heat and 120V for lighting
  • Process water (RO preferred/tap water)
  • Drain water hose / connection
  • In-house transportation to site of installation: by the customer
  • Chamber: clearance to walls: 2 inch / 40 mm;
  • Clearance to wall (door side): 3′ 8″ / 1100 mm
  • Conditioner: clearance to walls: 3′ / 915 mm

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Standardized conditioning machinery combined with optimum chamber dimensions allow for unrivaled humidity and temperature control at a value that is second to none.

Features and benefits include:

RH uniformity to ± 0.5%

Temperature uniformity to ±0.5°C

Multi-range rooms from 5°C to 45°C

Humidity ranges from 20% to 80% Rh

Modular insulated panels

Conditioners factory-tested prior to shipment

Unsurpassed humidity performance

Superb humidity stability

Flexibility of operation

Increased measurement options

Ease of assembly

Assurance of proper operation