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Vaccines are considered the most economical way to protect populations against most infectious diseases. In fact, vaccines help to protect millions of lives each year, but hundreds of thousands of lives are lost due to vaccines becoming unstable during the storage process.

With COVID-19 vaccines being developed at an unprecedented pace, there is hardly any data available on their fragility or stability. Some experts say the first shipments of the shots would need to be transported at “vaccine-untypical” conditions of -20 degrees Celsius, if not at -80 degrees — a major challenge for freight companies.

There are close to 170 vaccines in development, with 30 of them in clinical trials, according to the World Health Organization. Additionally, even after the first vaccines are properly tested, there will be ongoing testing on newer and better vaccines for Covid-19 virus and better preparations for viruses yet to come, all of them needing to be stored at vaccine-untypical conditions.

CDC Vaccine Storage Guidelines


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides the following guidelines and recommendations for proper vaccine storage:

  • Microprocessor-based temperature control with a digital temperature sensor (thermocouple, resistance temperature detector [RTD], or thermistor)
  • Fan-forced air circulation, with powerful fans or multiple cool air vents inside the unit that promote uniform temperature and fast temperature recovery
  • Use purpose-built units designed to either refrigerate or freeze (can be compact, under-the-counter-style or large units)

Unfortunately, temperature outside the normal storage range of 2°C to 8°C render many vaccines ineffective. According to the peer-reviewed journal, Vaccine, it’s estimated that “14% to 35% of vaccines are subjected to accidental freezing – the largest source of vaccine loss.” Additionally, undocumented temperature excursions may also occur, which can lead to ineffective vaccines being passed unknowingly on to patients.

The Parameter Advantage – Cold Rooms and Freezers for Vaccine Storage


In order to maintain vaccine potency, refrigerator temperature control, effective storage methods, and continuous temperature monitoring systems need to be a top priority. 

Parameter is uniquely equipped to provide cold rooms and freezers for vaccine storage with very precise control to maintain effective vaccine potency. We offer cold storage rooms that come in any size to fit your needs. We can provide a monitoring system for all of your monitoring needs but can also provide outputs for your existing monitoring system. Our systems have a track record of longevity and efficiency through work with some of the largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies throughout the world.

Parameter Equipment Commonly Used

Visit our catalog and search for the room or freezer that best fits your needs.

  • Freezers
    The innovative new system of the Freezer/Cooler Dual Room Stability Chamber controls two stability rooms — one set at -20°C and the other at 5°C.
  • Walk-in Rooms
    Versatile modular rooms that can be configured to a specific application or size requirement. These rooms will also maintain ±0.5% relative humidity control and ±0.2° C temperature control.