Parameter SmartLog

Parameter’s SmartLog is a Windows-based program that allows you to monitor and log current conditions in a Parameter chamber.

With SmartLog, you can:

  • View, graph, print and log real-time data and current conditions
  • Remotely control set points and tuning values
  • Monitor standard deviation/sigma
  • Set alarms for conditions that fall outside of set parameters
  • Log data to a file
  • Print and save graphs
  • Establish multiple Smart Pad profiles
  • Share data with our service department to troubleshoot issues.


SmartLog may be used only on Windows PCs through an RS232 serial port. If your computer has USB only, you will need a USB-RS232 converter. Multiple units may be monitored at once by opening multiple instances of SmartLog as long as there is a devoted serial port for each opened window.


SmartLog Interface
Setting Alarms
Reading Measurements
PID Control
Current Data View
SmartLog Profiles
SmartLog Conditions Graph