No matter the industry, chances are you’ll find Parameter.


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The humidity chamber manufacturer trusted by companies worldwide. 

Companies around the world, and across dozens of industries, depend on Parameter equipment for precise humidity- and temperature-controlled storage, testing and monitoring.

Custom-built to a customer’s exact specifications, Parameter offers rooms, chambers and conditioners to handle environmental conditions from standard to extreme. And whether you’re testing fabric or electrical circuits, you can rely on Parameter for the fast conditioning times and precise control required for critical product testing.

Parameter equipment can also meet or exceed your industry regulatory requirements. We adhere to all environmental standards and regulations required by the FDA, TAPPI, ICH and ISO.


Parameter stability room with vertical conditioner

Supply ductwork and return ductwork used for conditioning the air in Parameter’s pharmaceutical stability rooms

Pharmaceuticals + Medical

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing: assuring that drug products are manufactured in the right environment
  • Stability storage to ensure that drugs maintain their potency, etc., throughout their lifespan
  • Stability storage for nutritional supplements such as vitamin gummies
  • Medical research and storage


Materials + Packaging

  • Preservation and restoration of important documents such as Bibles, paintings, etc.
  • Paper testing to ensure that all different types of paper are properly manufactured
  • Packaging, adhesives for packaging, and corrugated cardboard integrity
  • General product/material testing, including wood products, molded plastics for fluid tanks that go under the hood of your car, and more.
  • Testing and conditioning of electrical components
  • Testing the coloring of textiles



  • Tobacco curing and aging
  • Food product exposure testing


Defense, Transportation & Entertainment

  • Ammunition storage and testing in different environments
  • Aviation equipment development in controlled environments
  • Film production


Misc/Home Services

  • Differential pressure testing
  • Clean room conditioning


Other industries served include:

  • Athletics
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Government
  • Neutraceuticals
  • Semiconductor
  • Wood Products

Contact us to learn more about products deployed in these areas.