Innovating products and services for 40+ years

Parameter is internationally respected for our innovation and technical expertise.

With more than 40 years of experience in the temperature and humidity control industry, Parameter specializes in providing innovative products and services for the packaging, textiles, agriculture, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries. Our products continually surpass industry expectations and are reliable, durable, energy efficient, and cost-effective.


Parameter has long been on the cutting edge of innovation, creating a technique for precise temperature and humidity control that provides greater precision and energy efficiency for our customers and that no other equipment manufacturer has replicated. The Library of Congress entrusts Parameter products with safely storing priceless materials, including copies of the Gutenberg Bible and the Gettysburg Address. We custom design equipment to our customers’ precise specifications, leading to the creation of chambers, rooms, and technologies that truly are innovative. Some of our unique technologies include:

Read ‘Humidity Control 101’ to learn more about our cutting edge technique for precise temperature and humidity control.

  • A non-GMP compliant software system offered free of charge to all customers.

Two-Temperature Method

Parameter has perfected its innovative “two-temperature” method as a standard control process. This state-of-the-art process is unique to Parameter — not available from other manufacturers — and offers our customers several benefits, including:

  • Extremely precise temperature and humidity control, as well as industry-leading chamber uniformity
  • No need for high-purity water
  • The elimination of service problems commonly associated with steam injection systems
  • Low energy costs — and low cost to own

Annual Training Seminar

Parameter offers a free service and training seminar, held annually near our company headquarters in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Customers who attend receive a 12-month extension on their parts warranty and learn valuable information including:

  • How our unique two-temperature system works
  • Training for customer-specific models
  • Demonstrations of our latest innovations

Sensor Calibration Exchange Program

Parameter employs a Sensor Calibration Exchange Program, which allows customers to send their digital transmitters to Parameter for off-site, factory calibration services. This innovative program provides customers with:

  • Substantial savings over typical on-site calibrations
  • Minimal disruption in chamber operation
  • Superior calibration

Contact us to learn how Parameter’s innovation, technical expertise, and unsurpassed customer service can work for you. Please call or email Stefan Cazzonelli for more information. Parameter Generation & Control +1-828-669-8717 ext. 311 Toll free US: 800-438-5494

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