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Parameter warranty, maintenance and training programs provide our customers with peace of mind.


Parts Warranty

A one-year parts warranty is included on new Parameter equipment. This parts warranty is provided to all customers, international and domestic.

Parameter hosts an annual service and training seminar to help you better maintain your equipment. By attending this event, usually held in the spring in the mountains of North Carolina, the parts warranty is extended by 12 months.

Labor Warranty

Domestic – For equipment used in the continental U.S., labor is covered by a one-year warranty when Parameter does the start-up of the system. This warranty is excluded if start-up is done by anyone other than Parameter or its approved distributors.

International – For equipment used outside the U.S., the labor warranty is provided by our approved distributors. Contact the distributor in your area for more information.


Parameter’s Service Department is staffed by in-house engineers who are closely involved in the design and building of our products.

Unlimited free telephone support is available to all our clients.  It’s always our goal to solve your problem by phone, but if an on-site service call is needed, our team can come to you.  Read more about service, parts and maintenance.


Most systems are installed by our customers.  However, our team of engineers can be contracted for installation, an especially important option for larger chambers and walk-in rooms.  Whether you handle installation yourself, or we do it for you, you’ll find our full team eager to help get your system up and running to your conditions.


Our systems are designed to be easy to use, so a minimum of training is needed. You’ll receive operating instructions with the equipment, and our service department is available 24-hours a day to help with questions and troubleshooting.

Customers use our annual service and training seminar to ensure that new operations and maintenance personnel are properly trained and see demonstrations of the latest Parameter innovations.


Then get in touch. We’re glad to help you learn about our products and our company.


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