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Heating and Drying Chambers

At Parameter, we are thrilled to collaborate with BINDER GmbH, a frontrunner in controlled environment chambers, to provide unparalleled solutions for your heating and drying requirements. Headquartered in Tuttlingen, Germany, with a strategic distribution hub in Bohemia, NY, BINDER has consistently raised the bar in the industry with its state-of-the-art heating and drying chambers.

These specialized chambers can help with numerous applications, from drying and tempering to safety and vacuum drying. Featuring unique technologies like APT.line™ for optimal temperature accuracy and control, these chambers meet a host of standards, including EN 1539:2015 for safety drying.

Whether your focus is on pharmaceuticals, textiles, or electronics, these chambers are essential for rigorous testing and validation in product development and quality assurance.

With exclusive pricing and a quick one-week turnaround time on BINDER units, we are excited to offer you a solution that is as prompt as it is budget-friendly. Choose Parameter and BINDER for your controlled heating and drying chamber needs, and experience unparalleled quality and reliability.

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Heating and Drying Chambers – The BINDER Way

Not only do you need precise temperature control, even heat spread, and residue-free drying in a chamber used for temperature stress testing, but if you’re drying flammable materials, the chamber must also meet specific safety guidelines.

BINDER excels in meeting all these needs and offers an extensive selection of chambers for various purposes, from drying and heating to material testing, as well as specialized chambers for safely drying heat-sensitive items.

Drying & Tempering Chambers

When it comes to achieving both time-sensitive and location-specific temperature accuracy, BINDER’s drying and tempering Chambers are unparalleled, thanks to their cutting-edge APT.line™ technology.

These units transfer heat naturally and use up to 30% less energy than traditional models, making them eco-friendly. User-friendliness is at the forefront with a modern control panel and a USB interface. Moreover, the chambers come with a Class 2 integrated temperature safety device that provides visual alarms, ensuring an extra layer of safety.

Safety Drying Chambers

Safety is paramount in BINDER’s Safety Drying Chambers. These units operate within a wide temperature range and fully comply with EN 1539:2015 standards.

Intuitive controllers offer time-segment and real-time programming, while fresh-air monitoring systems automatically deactivate heating if an issue is detected, alerting you through visual and auditory alarms.

The replaceable fresh-air filter cartridge meets Class M6 standards, and the chambers also include an RS 422 computer interface for data logging.

Vacuum Drying Chambers

BINDER’s Vacuum Drying Chambers boast ATEX conformity, a unique feature that sets them apart globally. Their intuitive touchscreens display both pressure and temperature graphically, simplifying monitoring.

Program-controlled drying ensures that the chambers automatically ventilate at the end of the process. The internal data logger allows for easy data extraction via USB.

Additionally, the units come with custom-positioned aluminum expansion racks and offer universal ventilation options, catering to various needs. Multiple-size models like VDL 23, VDL 56, and VDL 115 are also available for different requirements.

Series Chamber Type Volume Temperature Range Convection Features/Uses
Series E Drying and Heating 28(0.99cu.ft) 60°C to 230°C -Mechanical Adjustment
Series ED Drying and Heating 56(2cu.ft), 115(4cu.ft), 260(9cu.ft), 400(14.1cu.ft), 720(26.2) Ambient +5°C to 300°C Gravity Convenction Mechanical Adjustment
Series ED-S Drying and Heating 56(2.1cu.ft), 115(4.1cu.ft) Ambient +7°C to 250°C Gravity Convection Mechanical Adjustment
Series FD Drying and Heating 23(.71cu.ft), 56(2.1cu.ft), 115(4.1cu.ft), 260(9.1cu.ft), 720(26.1cu.ft) Ambient +10°C to 300°C Forced ConvectionFast Drying and Sterilization
Series FED Drying and Heating 56(2.1cu.ft), 115(4.1cu.ft), 260(9.1cu.ft), 400(14.1cu.ft), 720(26.2cu.ft) Ambient +10°C to 300°C Forced ConvectionEnhanced Timer Functions
Series FP Drying and Heating 56(2.1cu.ft), 115(4.1cu.ft), 260(9.1cu.ft), 720(26.2cu.ft) Ambient +12°C to 300°C Forced ConvectionProgram Functions
Series M Drying and Heating 53(1.8cu.ft), 115(4cu.ft), 240(8.4cu.ft), 400(14.1cu.ft), 720(25.4cu.ft) Ambient +5°C to 300°C Forced ConvectionAdvanced Program Functions
Series VD Vacuum Drying 23(.85cu.ft), 56(1.9 cu.ft), 115(4.2cu.ft) Ambient +9°C to 220°C -Non-flammable solvents
Series VDL Vacuum Drying 23(.85cu.ft), 56(1.9 cu.ft), 115(4.2cu.ft) Ambient +9°C to 110°C -Flammable solvents. Shatterproof safety glass.
Series FDL Safety Drying 115(4cu.ft) Ambient +10°C to 300°C -Silicone free/dust free inner chamber. Class 2 independent adjustable temperature safety device.

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What Do You Get When You Choose BINDER Heating and Drying Chambers?

  • Diverse Selection for Various Applications – BINDER offers a comprehensive range of chambers catering to different needs, from drying and tempering to safety and vacuum drying. These chambers accommodate many temperature conditions and comply with essential safety standards like EN 1539:2015.
  • Innovative APT.line™ Technology – One of the standout features of BINDER chambers is the patented APT.line™ technology, which ensures excellent temporal and spatial temperature accuracy. This technology eliminates inconsistencies in heat distribution and allows for precise control.
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions – BINDER is committed to environmental responsibility. Their drying and tempering chambers consume up to 30% less energy than conventional units, making them a more eco-friendly option.
  • User-Friendly Interfaces and Monitoring – Many units feature straightforward modern control technology and USB interfaces. Intuitive controllers and data loggers allow for seamless monitoring and programming, while fresh-air monitoring with alarms adds an extra layer of safety.
  • Versatile Options and Customization – Each BINDER chamber has numerous features, including program-controlled drying, internal data loggers, and replaceable fresh-air filter cartridges. The vacuum drying chambers even offer universal ventilation options and custom-positioned aluminum expansion racks, allowing you to tailor them to your needs.


Industries that Utilize Controlled Heating and Drying Chambers During Testing Phases

Controlled heating and drying chambers are integral tools across various industries, each with unique testing and validation needs.

  • In the pharmaceutical sector, these chambers play a vital role in stability testing for medications and drying lab samples. The goal is to ensure drug efficacy and safety by maintaining tightly regulated conditions for both storage and testing.
  • The textile industry also greatly benefits from heating and drying chambers. By simulating different environmental conditions, these chambers help companies evaluate how fabrics respond to temperature and humidity. This testing helps ensure that the end products meet established quality and durability standards.
  • Similarly, in the electronics industry, these chambers provide the consistent, controlled environments necessary for testing the reliability and safety of components and devices.

Manufacturers must rigorously test factors like heat resistance and moisture sensitivity to ensure long-term performance. Across these diverse sectors—pharmaceuticals, textiles, and electronics—controlled heating and drying chambers are invaluable for quality assurance and product development.

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