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Walk-In Cold Rooms & Freezer Rooms

Parameter’s walk-in cold rooms and freezer rooms offer an all-in-one solution for your cold storage needs. Features such as optional full redundancy and exterior service accessibility put you in complete control while eliminating the fear of going out of spec.

Read below for more information on Parameter’s cold room and freezer solutions. For a complete list of our room offerings, check out Temperature and Humidity Control Rooms, Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms, and Drying Rooms.

Types of Cold Rooms and Freezers Available


Walk-In Cold Rooms

Parameter offers an innovative cold storage room design utilizing split system technology to precisely and reliably hold refrigeration conditions above 2℃. Using an evaporator, condenser, and air temperature control loop designed to modulate refrigeration capacity, Parameter’s cold rooms are built to last and maintain desired chamber refrigeration temperature at all times.

Walk-In Freezers

Utilizing the same innovative split system technology, Parameter’s freezers precisely and reliably hold freezing conditions down to -30℃. Features such as smart “need to defrost” technology and optional full system redundancy make Parameter freezers an energy efficient and reliable choice for your low-temp needs.

Delivery and Installation

Parameter offers complete on-site delivery, install, and start up service for our equipment. Our experienced team of service techs will provide you with all the training and support needed to get your equipment up and running efficiently for years to come. After we install your equipment, we provide continued support through routine maintenance procedures, service visits, calibrations, and the sale of replacement parts.


Walk-in coolers and freezers can be found in a variety of industries and are used for many different applications. Industries such as food service may use cold rooms for storing food at chilled temperatures, and freezers play a crucial role in maintaining the cold chain for vaccine storage in the pharmaceutical industry. Check out our “What is a Cold Room?” page for more information on how cold rooms are used.



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