Freezer/Cooler Dual Room Stability Chamber

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The innovative new system of the Freezer/Cooler Dual Room Stability Chamber controls two stability rooms — one set at -20°C and the other at 5°C — with one single energy-efficient conditioner. The conditioner maintains ICH specifications for both rooms, even during a defrost cycle.

Parameter’s new system represents a marked technological advancement over the industry standard in several ways:

  • One conditioner to control two rooms at different conditions. Maintaining two rooms at two different temperatures typically requires two separate conditioners, one set for each temperature. Parameter’s innovative system handles it with a single conditioner.
  • Cooling coil located outside of conditioned space for enhanced uniformity and minimal disruption during defrost cycle. Most -20°C rooms are chilled by a refrigeration coil hanging from inside the ceiling, with an internal fan circulating air. It generally isn’t possible for such an internal-coil system to run a defrost cycle and still keep the room within ICH specification. Because our system isolates the coil outside the room, heat needed for a defrost cycle doesn’t affect the room’s internal temperature as much as it would with an internal coil and, thus, ICH specification is maintained continuously.
  • A “need for defrost” scheme that significantly increases the time between defrost cycles. The defrost cycle is triggered by an evaporator temperature figure — which means defrost is performed when actually needed, rather than according to a specific timer. This significantly reduces the number of defrost cycles performed. Instead of a typical timed defrost every six to eight hours, the system may run defrost only every 24-48 hours, depending on room usage and ambient conditions, which in turn generates a significant utility savings.”
  • Total redundancy if utilizing two conditioners. The room also has the optional use of a second system for redundancy. With this option, the “off-duty” unit controls the space when a defrost cycle is triggered. If one system goes offline, the other system will work independently until the first unit is restored to full operation. This further reduces the amplitude of the defrost spike experienced with a single conditioner, wherein the room may warm up 4°C.  The dual-unit arrangement reduces this by half while also providing redundancy.
  • Very low energy consumption with extremely close control at both -20°C and 5°C conditions.



Parameter’s innovative new Freezer/Cooler Dual Room Stability Chamber requires only one single conditioner to control two stability rooms–one set at 20°C and the other at 5°C.

Features and benefits of this Dual Room Chamber include:

RH uniformity to ±0.5%
Temperature uniformity to ±0.5°C even during defrost cycles
Modular insulated panels
Rooms factory-tested prior to shipment
Low energy consumption with extremely close control at both -20°C and 5°C conditions.
Unsurpassed humidity performance
Superb temperature stability
Flexibility of operation
Assurance of proper operation
Optional second system for redundancy


Optional Features

Second system for redundancy