Walk-In Cold Rooms

Parameter’s innovative split system cold room is designed to precisely and reliably hold refrigeration conditions above 2℃. Applications for cold rooms include diverse industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, textiles, and food storage.


The split system cold room is equipped with an evaporator, condenser, and air temperature control loop designed to modulate refrigeration capacity to maintain desired chamber refrigeration temperature at all times.The system also features an auxiliary control loop to monitor the surface temperature of the evaporator coil, automatically overriding the air temperature control loop to prevent the coil from freezing and eliminating the need for a defrost feature.


Parameter’s cold rooms can also be made fully redundant, allowing for complete control of the system and further minimizing the risk of going out of condition should a failure occur. The redundant system is equipped with dual evaporators each with their own condenser, temperature sensor, and user interface. A master controller will be utilized to determine which split system is operational.

The master controller is programmed for several redundant operating modes:

Normal (automatic) Operation: The master controller will cycle from one unit to the other based on a timed schedule determined by the user. During this mode, one split system will control process temperature while the other air handler is idle. When the scheduled switchover approaches, the idle air handler will energize the evaporator fan for a short time. While both evaporator fans are operating, the evaporator coil will equilibrate to the room temperature. After the dual operation period of the switchover, the previously operating air handler will shut down and remain idle until the next cycle change occurs.

Manual Operation: The split system selected by a key switch on the master controller maintains control of the process chamber, while the unit not selected will remain idle, indefinitely. During this mode, automatic switchover due to alarm will not be functional.

Alarm Condition: If an alarm occurs in the active air handler, the active air handler will be disabled and the idle air handler will be energized immediately, with no equilibration or dual operation period.The non-alarming unit will maintain control of the process chamber, while the unit in alarm will remain idle.

Parameter’s split system cold room is designed with several key benefits in mind:

  • Cost Effective Solution – Cost savings are especially noticeable on larger rooms
  • Energy Efficient – Reduce energy costs for storage of samples and other materials. Cold rooms are constructed to prevent fluctuations in temperature, meaning less energy is required to balance and adjust the temperature while in use.
  • Exterior Service Accessibility – Electrical and mechanical equipment located outside of the process chamber for ease of access during service and maintenance procedures.
  • Premium EC Fans
  • Options for Full Redundancy



  • Temperature uniformity to ±0.5°C
  • Modular insulated panels
  • Rooms factory-tested prior to shipment
  • Low energy consumption with extremely close control at low conditions
  • Superb temperature stability
  • Flexibility of operation and set up
  • Assurance of proper operation
  • Premium EC fans
  • Optional second system for redundancy


  • Second system for redundancy


Temperature range from 2c to 50c

Temperature Constancy: ±0.2C

Temperature Uniformity: ±0.2C at 25°c