Our temperature & humidity control rooms enable dual room control, storage for pharmaceuticalstextiles, or tobacco products.  We also offer custom temperature control rooms.

We offer walk-in cold rooms which can be used in many different industries for any cold storage needs. We have installed many of these within the pharmaceutical industry for stability testing. Our cold rooms are compatible with FDA regulations. To learn about the refrigeration process, click here.

For colder conditions, we offer freezer rooms with temperatures ranges down to -30C in which you can store your pharmaceutical products.

Our drying rooms offer the perfect combination of strong ventilation and low humidity for storing products and for dry room laboratories.


Parameter designs and manufactures humidity & temperature controlled rooms in our North Carolina facility to operate at the specific requirements and exact sizes you’ve specified. To ensure product integrity, Parameter assembles and thoroughly tests all systems prior to shipment and provides complete installation and on-site start-up instruction anywhere in the world. Rooms are built using modular insulated panels with either a 32 R-value (4″) or a 40 R-value (5″) to maximize efficiency and uniformity. We can provide options for stainless steel construction, dryers, and air and water filters if needed. 

We’re also fully capable of upgrading any brand of existing rooms. Due to the flexibility of the Parameter conditioning systems we can condition your existing temperature & humidity control rooms. Parameter is a leading global manufacturer of environmental control rooms for a wide range of industries. Each room that Parameter designs is custom built to meet specific requirements for our clients. We have the capability to meet ICH, ASTM, TAPPI and FDA guidelines for any room or storage condition.


Parameter rooms and chambers use a unique method of controlling moisture to attain unmatched levels of humidity and temperature control and uniformity. Unlike many other manufacturers, Parameter’s humidity methodology does not use vapor generators or atomizers as a humidity source. Instead, our dew point generating system achieves superior levels of humidity performance. See an explanation of the Parameter system at Humidity Control 101. The Parameter Smart Pad controller is a user-friendly system that provides control for the conditioning units. The Smart Pad is equipped with direct readings in both temperature and humidity, and features 60-segment programming for automatic cycling and also ramping and soaking excursions. High-low or deviation alarms are standard as well as a serial communications port. Take a closer look at the Smart Pad.


  • Custom manufactured rooms or chambers to operate at your specific requirement at the size you need. Systems can automatically cycle conditions for running profiles.
  • Complete on-site installation anywhere in the world.
  • On-site start-up instruction.
  • PC-based monitoring systems come standard with each unit. System monitors temperature, relative humidity, saturation, and mechanical outputs.
  • Calibration and PM contracts.


Hanwell Pro is a wireless continuous monitoring system that can be connected over multiple facilities. It is said to be one of the most reliable and flexible environmental monitoring control systems in the market. This system uses radio frequency to transmit your chambers data to a receiver that routes the data to either a company server (physical/virtual) or hosted (cloud based). The data is easily viewed via webpage or Smartphone APP. Therefore, the system can be accessed globally. All this equipment and software will be provided to you upon order.


  • A wide range of product measurement options
  • Unrivalled radio range (10,000 ft over open ground)
  • LCD display for a variety of transmitters and sensors
  • Reliable, accurate and durable hardware suitable for long-term continuous environmental monitoring and data analysis including: temperature, humidity, CO2, differential pressure, lux/UV, voltage, analog, and many other parameters available.
  • Long-life, user changeable batteries


  • Full data collection with interactive graphs, tables and plan views
  • Automated reports – Reports can be programmed to be sent on a periodic basis
  • Automated alarming functions – Additional hardware and software may be necessary
  • E-mail, SMS (Text), Phone
  • EMS administrators can create user groups for different levels of viewability and access
  • Sites, zones, and sensor groups make managing transmitters easy to organize
  • Making managing environmental data easier and more accessible than ever
  • Accessible through Website or Smartphone App

Stability chamber assembly timelapse courtesy of our customer Q1 Scientific.

Video Transcript

At Q1 Scientific we provide temperature controlled storage to the Pharma, Medical Device and Food industries. We recently expanded our facility in Waterford and have just completed the installation of two new stability chambers for storage of stability samples.
Construction begins on the insulated walk in chambers.
Flooring is installed, along with room walls and roofing.This material is highly insulated to allow better control of the room temperature and humidity conditions.
Installation of the temperature and humidity controlling equipment begins. This equipment ensures the room remains within specification at all times.
Ducting is then fitted inside the room. This maintains consistent airflow throughout the room, preventing any ‘cold’ spots.
Finally, shelving is fitted, allowing secure storage of stability samples.
Thanks for watching. For more information on Q1 Scientific and the services we offer, visit www.q1scientific.com.