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Parameter manufactures custom walk-in rooms for the packaging, pulp and paper industries that comply with ICH, ASTM and TAPPI standards. Each room is built to your exact specifications and our systems provide the precise temperature and humidity control required by both TAPPI T402 om-88 and preconditioning specification, TAPPI T 402. The system can automatically cycle between the two conditions.

Common conditions for our rooms are:

  • 23° C / 50% (Main TAPPI Spec.)
  • 35° C / 30% (TAPPI pre-conditioning)
  • 32° C / 90%
  • 5° C / 85%

TAPPI Tolerance is ±0.5°C and ±2% RH

Parameter is a leading global provider of environmental control rooms and chambers for the packaging, pulp and paper industries. We understand the importance of quality control in developing consumer products. As your single-source provider of planning, designing, building, testing, installation and long-term maintenance and validation, we are here to help maximize your control.

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Parameter Packaging Walk-In Rooms are ideal for the packaging, pulp and paper industries. Each room is built to your exact specifications and complies with ICH, ASTM and TAPPI standards.

Features and benefits of our Packaging Rooms include:

RH uniformity to ±0.5%
Temperature uniformity to ±0.5°C
Multi-range rooms from -30°C to +60°C
Humidity ranges from 10% to 90% RH
Modular insulated panels
Rooms factory-tested prior to shipment
Unsurpassed humidity performance
Superb temperature stability
Flexibility of operation
Increased measurement options
Ease of assembly
Assurance of proper operation


Optional Features

Stainless steel room construction
Dessicant dryer
HEPA-filtered air supply
Filtered return air grills

RH Variables

RH Variables Parameter Competition
Total ± 2.5% ± 6.0%
Control Constancy ± 0.5% ± 2.0%
Chamber Uniformity ± 1.0% ± 2.0%
Sensor Accuracy ± 1.0% ± 2.0%


Relative Humidity Range: 10 to 90%
(limited by a 5°C dewpoint)
Relative Humidity Constancy: +0.5%
Relative Humidity Uniformity: +0.5% at 25°/60%
Temperature Range: -30 to 60°C
Temperature Constancy: +0.1°C
Temperature Uniformity: +0.5°C at 25°/60%

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