Our humidity chambers come in a range of sizes to fit your particular industry and space needs, from 4.5 cubic feet up to 75 Cubic feet. The industries that utilize our chambers are wide-ranging as well, from pharma to electronic components, and even to paper and pulp.

Easy to maintain, our humidity chambers are energy-efficient, corrosion-resistant and provide precise control. Stainless steel makes these chambers long-lasting, ensuring that your investment has an expansive lifespan.

We offer some function-specific humidity chambers, such as our Rapid Textile Tester Chamber and our 4-door hanging samples chamber. In each case, our chambers offer our world-class temperature and humidity control systems that provide the most accurate results. All chambers are rigorously tested at your specified condition before being shipped to ensure efficient and accurate operation.

If you have questions or would like to discuss a specific chamber in more detail, call us at +1-828-669-8717!