Parameter partners with Binder GmbH to provide our customers with a high quality solution for all of their reach-in temperature and humidity chamber needs. We also offer Binder’s full line of incubators and growth chambers, drying and heating chambers, and battery test chambers.

Headquartered in Tuttlingen, Germany with a distribution center in Bohemia, NY to conveniently serve North America and beyond, Binder is a company with a long history of innovation and expertise in the field of humidity controlled chambers. Their humidity and temperature chambers are constructed of durable, high-quality materials with clever features designed to allow customers in a wide array of industries to conduct product testing, storage, and more with ease.

Parameter is excited to offer exclusive pricing on Binder equipment. Turnaround time on Binder units is one week after a signed submittal is received, making them a timely and cost-effective solution for your reach-in controlled temperature and humidity chamber needs.

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Series Volume (cu.ft) Temperature Range Humidity Range Best Use
KBF LQC 240 (8.7), 720 (24.7) 0°C - 70°C (with light 10°C to 60°C) 10% - 80% Photostability tests, ICH compliant. Controls light dosage
KBF P 240 (8.7), 720 (24.7) 0°C - 70°C (with light 10°C to 60°C) 10% - 80% Photostability tests, ICH compliant.
KBF 115 (3.6), 240 (8.7), 720 (24.7), 1020 (36) 0°C - 70°C 10% - 80% Stability testing/precise constant climate conditions with large temperature and humidity range
KBF S Eco 240 (8.7), 720 (24.7), 1020 (36) 0°C - 70°C 10% - 80% Unique Peltier technology; does not use refrigerant to cool. Energy efficient and quieter operation
KBF S 240 (8.7), 720 (24.7), 1020 (36) 0°C - 70°C 20% - 80% Lower initial cost. Stability testing/precise constant climate conditions with large temperature and humidity range.
KMF 115 (3.6), 240 (8.7), 720 (24.7) -10°C to +100°C 10% - 98% Expanded temperature and humidity range
MK 720 (25.9), 1020 (36) -40°C to +180°C N/A Rapid temperature changes
MKF 56 (2.1), 115 (4.1), 240 (8), 720 (25.9), 1020 (35) -40°C to +180°C 10% - 98% Rapid temperature changes with humidity control
MKFT 115 (4.1), 240 (8) -70°C to +180°C 10% - 98% Rapid temperature changes with humidity control and extended low temperature range
MKT 720 (25.9) -70°C to +180°C N/A Rapid temperature changes with extended low temperature range
UV 500 (16.8), 700 (24.7) -90°C to -40°C N/A Ultra-low temp freezer with climate-neutral refrigerant

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Controlled temperature and humidity chambers are used to test how a product will react to varying temperature and humidity levels. This helps companies identify important aspects of their products, such as its safety level and expected shelf life. Industries that use humidity controlled chambers include the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paper, agriculture, vaccine, electronic industries and others. To learn more about how controlled temperature and humidity test chambers function and why they are so important to the product development process, see our blog on Humidity Control.



Binder has built their line of temperature-controlled chambers, humidity-controlled chambers and beyond to serve a wide range of industries. Whether they operate in the automotive or aerospace, pharmaceuticals or chemical, food or electronic industries – established names, brands, and market leaders all use chambers with the red triangle in their laboratories.



  • Wide range of units for many different conditions and applications – Binder offers products from -70°C to +180°C and relative humidity control of up to 98%. Their range of products includes humidity chambers with light-dose control, ultra-low temperature control, incubator capabilities, and more.
  • Groundbreaking APT.line™ technology – The patented preheating chamber technology by Binder has a unique way of creating homogeneous temperature conditions for the entire test material and eliminates turbulence.
  • Eco-Friendly Choices – Binder understands the importance of innovating with the environment in mind. Their line of products includes a climate chamber utilizing thermoelectric cooling technology, an ultra-low freezer with climate-neutral refrigerants, and other energy-efficient features to ensure minimal environmental impact.
  • Excellent Service and Support – Binder offers many ways to receive timely service and support for their equipment. Customers may utilize their online support tools, service hotline, and calibration/maintenance contracts to ensure the optimal operation of their humidity control chamber for many years to come.
  • Options and Accessories to suit any need – Each piece of Binder equipment has an extensive selection of options and accessories so customers may customize to their exact needs.

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