Home - Blog - Dual Hertz Capability in Parameter’s 250-400 Means Faster Delivery to Clients Worldwide

Parameter Generation & Control has equipped its best-selling 250-400 vertical and horizontal conditioners with dual hertz 230V capability.

250-400 CFM Horizontal ConditionerElectrical energy is distributed from power station to an end user in a frequency of oscillation that depends upon where you live. In North America and parts of Asia, the frequency is 60 Hz; in Europe and other parts of Asia, it is 50 Hz. (Japan uses both.)

From a purely technical perspective, neither frequency is superior. Despite — or perhaps because of — this, there’s no driving effort to standardize worldwide, which has been a challenge for commercial equipment manufacturers.

Parameter chose to equip its popular 250-400 vertical and horizontal conditioners with dual hertz 230V capability for several reasons, said Stefan Cazzonelli, sales and marketing manager.

“Two important reasons were to simplify production and speed up delivery time for our customers,” he said.

Another important consideration involved maintenance or repairs, he said, since components for the 250-400 vertical and horizontal conditioners will be identical no matter where in the world the conditioner is located.

“The universality of components should prove to be another customer satisfier,” he said.

Parameter’s 250-400 vertical and horizontal self-generating units provide humidity, dehumidification, heating, cooling and circulation to existing spaces, small walk-in rooms and reach-in chambers without requiring any external ductwork. Using tap water and with no need for compressed air, the unit is constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with durability complemented by low-watt density heaters.

And like most Parameter products, these conditioners are controlled by a user-friendly SmartPad system that delivers optimum accuracy and control, and is equipped with direct readings for temperature and humidity.

To learn more about the 250-400 vertical conditioner, contact Stefan Cazzonelli at Stefan@humiditycontrol.com.