Parameter Introduces Self-Contained Vertical Conditioner

New unit requires no external ducting; no ceiling and little floor space needed

BLACK MOUNTAIN, N.C. – Parameter Generation & Control has introduced a new self-contained vertical generating unit that conditions existing stability storage space for humidity and temperature without requiring ceiling room.

In addition, the new unit — which requires no external ducting — attaches to existing chambers and walk-in rooms, adding just 15 inches of depth to an exterior room wall.

“Our new vertical conditioner relies upon the same proprietary dew-point control technology Parameter employs in other units, making it highly dependable as well as energy efficient,” said Clay Hile, president and CEO. “We expect this will soon become one of our most popular models.”

With the option of using intuitive, touch-screen controls, operators can set the vertical units for steady state conditioning or a programmable cycling of environment conditions that include temperature of plus or minus 1 degree celsius; relative humidity control of plus or minus 0.5 percent; and relative humidity uniformity of plus or minus 0.5 percent.

The vertical conditioner is available in two sizes — one sized 28 inches wide by 15 inches deep by 77 inches high that conditions 250 to 400 cubic feet per minute, and another sized 30 inches wide by 20.5 inches deep by 77 inches high that conditions 400 to 800 cubic feet per minute. More pictures and specs can be seen at the company’s website.

The largest library in the world, the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., relies upon Parameter units to protect its copies of the Gutenberg Bible and the Gettysburg address.

Parameter Generation & Control is an internationally respected innovator and manufacturer of precise stability storage products, and a provider of contract stability storage. Renowned for their dependability, Parameter products continually surpass industry expectations with technologically advanced energy conservation. The company manufactures temperature- and humidity-controlled chambers, rooms, conditioners and large-capacity laboratory baths for pharmaceutical, electronic, semiconductor, packaging, paper and textile clients worldwide.

In addition to manufacturing individual units for sale, Parameter leases off-site stability storage rooms and chambers that are fully validated to meet strict temperature, humidity and uniformity controls. Chambers and rooms are monitored 24/7 and are both current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) compliant.

Parameter supports the superior craftsmanship of its products with readily accessible and knowledgeable customer-service experts. The company is headquartered in Black Mountain, N.C., and offers stability storage facilities close to the Research Triangle Park. Learn more about Parameter products and stability storage services online.