What are the most important parts to clean during preventative maintenance?

The most important parts to clean are the water sump, evaporator coil, spray nozzles and spray eliminators, pictured here.

The recommended way to do this is to drain all the water from the unit and wipe down all parts. We recommend using a product called Greased Lightning, which is a multi-purpose cleanser.

Another option is to use a bleach/water solution. If you use this option you will need to disconnect the blower and pump so that the bleach doesn’t get circulated into the room or chamber. After running the unit, wash out the conditioner with clean water at least twice before restarting it.

Air and water filters should be cleaned or replaced if applicable quarterly. The process water should be changed quarterly (monthly at higher operating water temps.)

Troubleshooting 101 – Identifying issues in your conditioner:
Trouble shooting usually starts with an understanding of the system under test. A Parameter temp/RH conditioner has 3 main systems: a blower to move air in the chamber, a spray pump for water spray and a refrigeration unit.

The conditioner controls a water spray temp near the dew point of the air and RH set points. The air flow from the chamber is saturated near dew point of the set points. The conditioner controls air temp with air heater/s and air damper/s. The water spray temp is controlled with the refrigeration and sometimes water heaters. (Visit our website for more information about Parameter’s method of RH control. Our article, Humidity Control 101, is particularly helpful in visualizing and understanding the basics of our systems.)

Problems with air temperature control are usually related to air flow so the blower, air dampers and air heaters should be checked for dust and other forms of dirt. Problems with RH control are usually related to water spray temp control so the water spray and refrigeration system should be checked for plaque.

The PGC service department can assist with in-depth troubleshooting. SmartLog enables us to check on settings of the blower and other mechanical parts, which could help determine where the problem is. Give us a call at 1-800-438-5494.

What is your favorite feature of SmartLog?
SmartLog offers a number of benefits to the user from adjusting tune values and setpoints to simply monitoring the unit’s current settings. But as the service manager, one of the best features of SmartLog I see is the ease of use when it comes to adjusting tuning values and setting programs.

With SmartLog you are able to control the unit from a laptop. You can switch setpoints and adjust water temperatures easily while also monitoring all aspects of the unit. If you want to run a 72 hour program that has 2 different conditions, you can easily enter the program into SmartLog and save it, then run the program when you are ready.

What is the most effective way to access the service department if I need help?
You are welcome to either call (1-800-438-5494) or email (service@humiditycontrol.com) the service department with questions. Regardless, please include in your email (or have on hand if you are calling) as much information as possible on your unit and the issue you are facing including serial number, detail of the problem, log files, etc. This gives us the opportunity to review the unit and reply with better troubleshooting tips and possible solutions.