400-800 CFM Horizontal Conditioner


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Parameter manufactures relative humidity / temperature conditioners for rooms provided by Parameter and existing rooms or enclosures. These systems are designed to provide precise temperature and humidity control.

Parameter conditioners provide:

  • Extremely precise control and uniformity within the room or chamber to allow customers to easily maintain their specified conditions.
  • A unique dew point control system which utilizes much less energy than other stability control systems.
  • A self-contained format that allows easy installation on-site anywhere in the world.
  • Available on-site start-up.
  • PC-based monitoring systems that are standard with each unit. System monitors temperature, relative humidity, saturator, and mechanical outputs.
  • Easy temperature / relative humidity calibrations and simple preventative maintenance schedules.
  • User-friendly controls (Parameter’s Smart Pad) that allow for either steady state conditioning or programmable cycling of conditions.

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Parameter’s 400-800 Horizontal Conditioners offer extremely precise control and uniformity within the room or chamber to allow customers to easily maintain their specified conditions.

Features and benefits of the 400-800 Horizontal Conditioners, series 9364-31J0, include:

RH control constancy of ±0.5%
Temperature control constancy of ±0.1°C
Relative humidity uniformity of ±0.5%
High-low or deviation alarms
316 stainless steel construction throughout the chamber
Variable speed condenser fan that automatically adjusts to ambient and load changes
Variable speed process fan for pre-validation air flow adjustments
Direct coupling to exterior room wall to conserve floor space with no exterior ducting
Consistent and accurate results
Stable and uniform environments
Unsurpassed accuracy
Secure and safe
Easy operation

RH Variables

RH VariablesParameterCompetition
Total± 2.5%± 6.0%
Control Constancy± 0.5%± 2.0%
Chamber Uniformity± 1.0%± 2.0%
Sensor Accuracy± 1.0%± 2.0%


Relative Humidity Constancy: ±0.5%
Relative Humidity Uniformity: ±1.0% at 25°/60%
Temperature Constancy: ±0.2°C
Temperature Uniformity: ±0.2°C
Temperature Range: 5°C to 50°C


Domestic: 208/230V, 1-Phase, 60Hz, 20.1 FLA, 12.9 RLA
International: 230V, 1-Phase, 50Hz, 17.9 FLA, 11 RLA
Water: 15 gallon per day maximum

Weight & Dimensions


800 lbs.


1000 lbs.


35”w x 47”d x 27”h

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