Unmatched Humidity and Temperature Control For Your Industry’s Specified Conditions.

With more than 40 years of experience in the temperature and humidity control industry, Parameter specializes in providing innovative products and services for the packaging, textiles, agriculture, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Humidity Chambers

Parameter partners with Binder GmbH to provide our customers with a high quality solution for all of their reach-in temperature and humidity test chamber needs.

Temperature & Humidity Control Rooms

Our temperature & humidity control rooms enable dual room control, storage for pharmaceuticals, textiles, or tobacco products. We also offer custom temperature control rooms.


Precise humidity and temperature control systems are our speciality. Our products range from humidity chambers, rooms, conditioners and baths. We custom design equipment to our customers’ precise specifications, leading to the creation of chambers, rooms, and technologies that truly are innovative.


Parameter is internationally respected for our innovation and technical expertise. We have long been on the cutting edge of innovation, creating a technique for precise temperature and humidity control that provides greater precision and energy efficiency for our customers.


Parameter offers unsurpassed customer service and maintenance. Parameter’s services include expert installation, a unique training program, calibrations and validations, preventive maintenance contracts, unlimited free 24-hour emergency phone support and on-site assistance when necessary.


Companies around the world, and across dozens of industries, depend on Parameter equipment for precise humidity and temperature-controlled storage, testing, and monitoring. The industries that we provide specific equipment for are as follows: Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Textiles, Agriculture & Tobacco, Electronics, Cosmetics, and Vaccine Storage.


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