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With four locations, Medi Analytika is one of the leading instrumentation companies in India.

Parameter is pleased to feature in this distributor focus Medi Analytika Limited Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading instrumentation companies in India.

Established in 1994 by a team of medical physicists and engineers, Medi Analytika has been committed since its start to supplying state-of-the-art instrumentation from leading global manufacturers. Since then, the company’s founders have grown Medi Analytika into a highly successful sales, service and support organization recognized throughout India as a leading supplier of high-quality instrumentation products.

The company credits part of its success to the fact that it has designated a separate team of engineers to each product division — ensuring that staff will understand client industries fully and be able to respond capably and quickly to needs and requests.

“Our engineers have adequate experience and exposure to various laboratory, medical and industrial equipment, which makes it handy for us to market, install and provide after-sales service support for a wide range of instruments and equipment,” said R. Ramesh, director. “We have supplied various sophisticated instruments to all researchers throughout India’s various industries, including research centers, universities and hospitals.”

100-200 CFM Horizontal ConditionerCurrently, Medi Analytika has established four locations throughout India: Chennai in South India, Mumbai in West India, New Delhi in North India and Kolkata in East India.

Pharmaceuticals, clinical research organizations, food processing, and government institutions and universities are the primary industries that Medi Analytika serves. Parameter Generation & Control’s humidity control rooms are top sellers among Medi Analytika’s clients.

Even with online sales becoming ever more prevalent, Ramesh said, customer service always would be a key differentiator for Medi Analytika.

“We always will be positive to the customers who work in this competitive business,” he said.


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