Series CBF

CO2 incubators with hot air sterilization and humidity regulation

The BINDER CBF is the high-end CO₂ incubator with humidity control that is suitable for all sensitive incubation applications in GMP environments. It ensures consistent results including in cell-based assays with multiwell plates. This BINDER incubator is even suitable for complex cultivation experiments or individual environments with hypoxic conditions thanks to its comprehensive assortment of options and accessories.


  • Safe – cell cultures receive maximum protection against contamination
  • Reliable – constant well-being conditions for the cells
  • Smart – simple routine cleaning and convenient operation
  • Economical – efficient operation without consumables

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Main Features

  • Contamination-safe humidification system without water pan
  • Tried-and-tested anti-contamination concept with 180 °C hot air sterilization
  • Hot-air sterilizable CO₂ sensor with single-beam infrared technology
  • Seamless inner chamber made of stainless steel with flanges as shelf support system
  • Fanless interior with Venturi CO₂ gas mixing nozzle
  • Intuitive touchscreen controller
  • Internal data logger, measured values can be read out in open format via USB
  • Troubleshooting system with visual and acoustic alarms
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, zero-voltage alarm contact
  • Fail-safe CO₂ system for protecting the pH of cell cultures

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Operating Manual

Data Sheet