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Parameter understands the unique needs of the textile industry. That’s why companies like Springs Industries, and Jo-Ann Fabrics have installed our equipment in their manufacturing lines, and Under Armour and Target use Parameter for product and color testing.

Main Applications

  • Color consistency (fabric and carpet)
  • Specialty fabric testing
  • Fading and color change testing
  • Loss of tensile strength testing
  • Conditioning textile samples

Common Conditions

  • 22° C / 65% RH
  • Occasional High RH

Parameter custom manufacturers all equipment, so name your conditions and we will build it.

Our Advantage

Our 1-3 minute conditioning times and precise control allow for quick on-line color decisions. Parameter’s precise control and distribution for stability chambers allows for problem-free mapping validations. Equipment is reliable, cost effective, and has low energy requirements.

Parameter Precisely Controls:

  • Control constancy – Parameter provides precise single point humidity and temperature control
    (±0.5% RH / ±0.2°C).
  • Uniformity across the conditioned space – Parameter provides a tight uniformity by engineering optimal distribution systems that evenly disperse the air through a conditioned area.
  • Sensor Accuracy – Parameter utilizes high grade humidity and temperature sensors and maintains the calibration over the range of conditions required.

Reference Paper

Textile Conditioning – Is it Really Necessary? (Only When Your Testing is Important)

Parameter Products Commonly Used

  • Walk-in rooms
  • Reach-in chambers
  • Textile conditioning systems – Parameter Generation & Control offers conditioning systems for the textile industry that are specifically designed to rapidly bring textile samples to standard conditions. By utilizing the “two temperature” method of control, Parameter is able to create an unrivaled stable environment.

Rapid Textile Tester Chamber
Rapid Textile Tester Chamber

4-Door Chamber for Hanging Samples
4-Door Chamber for Hanging Samples

Custom Room for Textiles
Custom Rooms for Textiles

250-400 cfm Horizontal Conditioner
250-400 cfm Horizontal Conditioner