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About Precision Stability Storage

Precision Stability Storage provides off-site stability storage space for products that require ICH specified environmental conditions. In partnership with Parameter Generation & Control, Precision offers the highest-quality equipment and facilities available for environmental and humidity control.

Located just outside of RTP – the main base of pharma in North Carolina – Precision Stability Storage has its facility in Wilson, NC. The ICH-validated stability storage facility provides rooms and chambers that have been mapped and validated for FDA-mandated long- and short-term shelf life studies under various temperature and humidity requirements. This includes intermediate testing and accelerated testing per ICH Q1A (R2). In addition, the Wilson facility is available for contingency management of your own on-site studies or excess storage needs. Our location is your ideal source for off-site stability storage rooms.

Our People

Monica Edwards – Manager
Ken Edwards – Validation / GMP
Clay Hile – President, Parameter Generation & Control
Ross Hile – Systems Manager at Precision Stability Storage and principle at Parameter Generation & Control
Stefan Cazzonelli – Sales

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For information about stability storage options and services, please email Stefan Cazzonelli in our sales department, or call 828-669-8717.

Precision Stability Storage, LLC
3904 C Airport Drive NW
Wilson, NC 27896