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Serving Parameter clients throughout the Midwest, distributor Key Scientific delivers on service.

In this distributor highlight, Parameter is pleased to profile Key Scientific in Mount Prospect, Ill.

Since 1964, Key Scientific has served clients throughout Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Key Scientific’s technical specialists are engineers and scientists who fully understand the products they sell, as well as how those products are used in laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

The company’s clients work in a range of industries — from pharmaceuticals to food, paper and furniture manufacturing.

“Pharma stability storage and food stability storage are big for us,” said Becky Smith, who works with clients in Illinois and eastern Iowa.

“And chemical manufacturing, wastewater treatment, biotech, automotive—the list goes on and on,” adds Josh Tinch, who works with clients throughout Michigan and Wisconsin and northern parts of Indiana and Ohio.

Smith reports that Parameter’s 250-400 cfm vertical and 400-700 cfm vertical and horizontal conditioners are most popular with her clients, while Tinch said the 1500-3000 cfm vertical conditioner is a must-have for his clients. Both Smith and Tinch said the 30 cfm reach-in chamber was a best seller with all clients.

Key Scientific’s ability to serve clients quickly and effectively has been instrumental to their success, Smith and Tinch said.

400-700 CFM Horizontal Conditioner“Our clients depend upon having an excellent, trouble-free product for their testing and storage, and we give them that with Parameter products that offer precise control and energy efficiency,” Tinch said. “Often, putting a fresh set of eyes on a problem is all that’s needed to fix an issue. Most problems are small but sometimes customers are hesitant to touch a machine for fear of damaging it. We can reduce the need for and number of service calls simply by being there with a phone connected to the factory.”

Smith agreed, saying, “Aside from sales and start ups, we are first in the line of contacts for emergency problems.”

As with all industries, technology plays an important role, Tinch said, with trends including more connectivity between management systems and smart phones and greater wireless monitoring.