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Providing peace of mind through preventive maintenance, calibration services, non-routine service/repair and emergency service agreements.

Preventive Maintenance

400-800 CFM Vertical ConditionerParameter units are built to exacting standards and typically do not require much maintenance. However, as with all capital equipment, periodic maintenance will maximize the life of your Parameter unit. A good preventive maintenance program will ensure that the unit runs at top performance for years to come. A Parameter preventive maintenance visit includes:

  • Inspecting all electrical hook-ups and connections
  • Verifying that all internal components are functioning properly
  • Verifying that all safety devices are functioning properly
  • Cleaning the spray chamber and sump
  • Cleaning the evaporator and condensing coils
  • Replacing all consumable parts, such as air filters, water filters, UV bulbs, and sensor calibrations

For more information on Parameter’s preventive maintenance options, contact our service department at service@humiditycontrol.com.

Calibration Services

Parameter supports calibrations of Rotronic HygroClip sensors used in our units’ control systems. The most commonly used devices are supported through our unique sensor exchange program, which allows customers to secure a recalibrated sensor and minimize to just a few minutes the time the unit is offline. Parameter also can offer sensor upgrade options and in-house calibrations of several different models of sensors.

Non-Routine Service and Repairs

Parameter’s highly qualified technicians travel all over the world to provide service to our customers. No matter where you are or what the problem is, Parameter will strive to provide the best service support possible. Remote support is available 24/7/365 via phone call or email at (828)669-8717 or service@humiditycontrol.com.

Emergency Service Agreements

Emergency service agreements are generally limited to geographic areas in which Parameter has technicians or factory certified subcontractors. Contact our service department to see if you qualify for emergency service at service@humiditycontrol.com.

For more information about any of Parameter’s preventive maintenance options, calibration services, service and repairs and emergency service agreements, contact our service department at (828) 669-8717 or service@humiditycontrol.com.