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Off-site stability storage: a cost-effective solution

When it comes to stability storage, there are always issues that can make your program less than stable:

  • overruns or excess supply of product
  • need for short-term options
  • difficulty accommodating an infrequent or wide range of conditions
  • need for backup or contingency storage

Of course, purchasing and maintaining additional chambers or rooms can be costly and time-consuming. That’s why we offer an alternative for your in-house storage challenges.

Parameter’s off-site storage offers space, flexibility and cost savings.

Our state-of-the-art storage facility was designed to accommodate a range of storage needs—without requiring capital investment on your part. Tell us the square footage and conditions needed, and we’ll provide a quote you can compare to your in-house costs.

  • eliminate capital expense of purchasing equipment
  • reduce overhead
  • avoid upfront investment, instead spread storage rental costs over the duration of study

How do you determine if our off-site solution is right for you?

Download our cost comparison case study, “Stability Storage: Buy or Rent?” This easy-to-follow guide outlines all the options for potential savings, helping you make the right call.

Already storing your materials somewhere else? Get a sample quote from us and compare it to what you’re paying now. Request a quote: It’s easy, just answer a few quick questions online and we’ll have a quote over to you shortly.

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