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Parameter Offers Contingency Stability Storage

Parameter Offers Contingency Stability Storage

Back-up measure for companies experiencing overstock, system failure

BLACK MOUNTAIN, N.C. – Parameter Generation & Control has launched a new contingency stability storage service.

Parameter now provides back-up stability storage to businesses whose own stability-storage facilities prove inadequate because of space contraints, disastrous weather conditions such as flooding or tornados, or electrical failures.

“Many Parameter clients have their own stability storage facilities, but sometimes those facilities aren’t always large enough to accommodate their needs,” said Clay Hile, president and CEO. “Parameter’s new service protects clients so that the integrity of their own stability storage is never compromised.”

Parameter’s service helps clients minimize potential economic losses due to lost product or disrupted operations, and allows them to maintain protocol and security measures, Hile added.

Parameter’s stability storage contingency rooms and chambers are fully validated to meet strict temperature, humidity and uniformity controls. With conditions that meet International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) guidelines, the chambers and rooms are monitored 24/7 and provide a regulatory compliant facility within a cGMP environment.

Headquartered in North Carolina with facilities near Research Triangle Park, Parameter Generation & Control is an internationally respected innovator and manufacturer of precise stability storage products, and provider of contract stability storage.

Known for their stability and dependability, Parameter products continually surpass industry expectations with their technologically advanced energy conservation.
Parameter supports the superior craftsmanship of its products with readily accessible and knowledgeable customer-service experts.

To learn more about Parameter’s contingency stability storage service or its other products, visit Parameter Storage.