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Parameter Smart Pad

The Smart Pad™ control system consists of a user interface and a unit control module. The user interface is the Smart Pad and the control module is located in the electrical compartment of the machine. The Smart Pad is accessible to the user.

The Smart Pad displays  various screens used for entering the desired operating conditions for the conditioner, as well as displaying the actual conditions measured by the sensors.

With the Smart Pad, you can:

  • Display measured process variables and outputs
  • Input and store set points and tuning parameters
  • Run set point programs
  • Control alarms

The Smart Pad is capable of communication with a remote Windows PC terminal via RS-232 protocol. A DB-9 connector is provided for ease in connection.

 The Smart Pad

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Parameter now offers the option of a tablet-based touch screen for your HMI. This option for your equipment installation provides an easy to read interactive interface with a live, graphical data display.

Benefits include:

  • Access to configuration screens, previously only available using SmartLog and external PC
  • Full-time, automatic data logging
  • Virtually unlimited On-board ramp and soak profile storage
  • Virtually unlimited on-board log file archive
  • Automatic log file encryption
  • USB log file export capability
  • Hold for control capability
  • Wireless networking capability

Available as an upgrade to any Parameter room or chamber. The touchscreen can also be added to any unit that has been manufactured within the past year (since August 2014.)

Sample Displays

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SmartPad Display

Access Code Screen  Current Conditions Screen  Programmable Mode

Set Points Screen  Outputs Screen  Alarm Screen

SmartPad Touchscreen Display

Set Points Screen Set Points Screen

Set Points Screen Set Points Screen Set Points Screen