Parameter continues its focus on our distributors by highlighting the great work being done by Air-Eze Scientific Services in Orlando and Hollywood, Fla.

Owned by father and son, Ron McAlpin and Bret McAlpin, and by Erik Turek, who formerly was a technician with the company for 10 years, Air-Eze serves the science-based refrigeration industry throughout most of Florida. That places the company squarely amidst a variety of scientific clients working in pharmaceutical, research, blood bank, hospital, and university settings. In fact, the company’s top selling Parameter product is the vertical conditioner for maintaining pharmaceutical ICH conditions.

According to co-owner Bret McAlpin, service is Air-Eze’s main goal. “We service all lab equipment that require precise temperature control,” he says. A valuable component of that includes emergency service offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “We can deliver emergency rental equipment to the customer at calibrated temperature, so the customer never has to compromise sample integrity,” Bret says.

Repairing and rebuilding ultra-low temperature freezers is another important service Air-Eze offers customers, and the company has been chosen to provide warranty services for more than 40 companies including Thermo, Panasonic and Follett.

Bret says, “We pride ourselves on doing factory-quality work on all varieties of lab equipment.”

The McAlpins have observed that the industry is moving toward more efficiency and environmentally friendly energy, especially as it relates to the use of hydrocarbons in refrigeration as well as variable speed motors that draw lower overall amperage.

“We have also noticed that new equipment has PC boards and touchscreens, which changes the way we approach troubleshooting,” Bret says.

Another driver of change is the growing number of start-up pharmaceutical companies in the south Florida area. “Smaller start-ups have trouble buying and maintaining their own temperature and humidity control equipment,” Bret says. “We see outsourced storage space as a large opportunity in the coming future.”

Air-Eze is training now to offer a Biological Safety Cabinet Certification Service by the end of 2018. This service will allow Air-Eze to provide proper maintenance and certification for cabinets used in the handling of infectious microorganisms, which in turn protect laboratory workers and the surrounding environment from pathogens.

Validation of ICH conditions is another service Air-Eze has a strong interest in and expects to offer in the near future.

In addition to its owners, Air-Eze has a staff of three office employees, two delivery drivers and eight skilled technicians.

Thank you, Air-Eze, for representing Parameter so well in Florida!