Parameter Room vs. Reach-In Chambers

Companies that are currently using, or considering using, reach-in chambers for their storage may benefit from switching over to a free-standing conditioned walk-in room. The move could provide a huge boost in stability capacity and help them stay within budget. Learn more.

New Freezer/Cooler Dual Room

Parameter has developed a dualcon freezer stability chamber. The innovative system controls two stability rooms at different settings with a single conditioner that maintains ICH specifications. Learn more.

40 years of temperature and humidity control excellence. That’s what we call stability.

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Parameter has long been on the cutting edge of innovation, offering precise temperature & humidity control with greater precision that no other manufacturer has replicated.


Our equipment will meet or exceed your industry regulatory requirements. We adhere to all standards and regulations required by the FDA, TAPPI, ICH and ISO.


Parameter provides unsurpassed customer service and maintenance including expert installation, training, calibrations and validations, preventive maintenance and 24-hour emergency support.