Tobacco Test Lab

Tobacco Unit and Conditioner

  • Modular design allows industry to easily set up a fully functional tobacco lab quickly and economically.
  • Will easily maintain the tobacco testing specification of 22°C at 60% RH across the whole room while testing is taking place.
  • Distribution system allows for a full ceiling supply and returns near the floor. This design provides for enough air flow for proper uniformity but since the air is uniformly distributed across the entire ceiling area the velocity is slow enough so it will not cause disruptive drafts at the smoking machine.
  • Air handler is designed to handle up to 100 CFM (47 liters per second) of make-up air to replace the air exhausted by the smoking machine.
  • Size of room allows for shelving storage of tobacco product, so it can be brought to proper equilibrium with the test atmosphere prior to testing.


  • Single point temperature control constancy of ±0.2°C
  • Single point temperature control constancy of ±0.5% RH
  • Air-cooled internal refrigeration system
  • Unit designed to handle up to 47 liters per second (100 CFM) of preconditioned make-up air (to replace exhaust from smoking machine)
  • Inlet make-up air must be comfort conditioned
  • Digital, high grade, thin-film, temperature compensated temperature and Rh sensor/transmitter
  • Safety devices including over-temperature safety switch, high and low refrigeration pressure switch and low water cutoff
  • Total heat gain within the chamber (including lights, people, transmission gains, etc.) must not exceed 4,500 BTU/hr. The system’s ability to handle internal load decreases as control temperature is reduced and/or relative humidity is increased.


  • Built-in temperature and pressure sensors reducing operator action
  • Warm-up function for increased productivity
  • Simple, ergonomic air extraction system management
  • Optimised impinger connectivity to minimise the dead-volume in the path between the cigarette butt and impinger solution
  • Patent pending air management system
  • Automatic lighting mechanism including pre-light and ignition
  • PC can be orientated for left-hand or right hand side
  • Extraction can be orientated for left-hand or right-hand side


  • Self-closing door with 14″ x 14″ frame window and keyed with safety latch.
  • Room equipped with perforated stainless panels to provide uniform ceiling supply with two low return ducts behind smoking machine.
  • Internal LED lighting.
  • Room panels shall be constructed of 4-inch foamed-in-place urethane insulation for the walls and ceiling. Floor panels are 4-inch thick and SaniSteel, slip-resistant coated.
  • Exterior finish and Interior finish is white epoxy over galvanized steel.


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Tobacco Test Room